Consulting  and Customer Success (by One2Team)

The consulting and service team helps our clients setup One2Team’s solution. We recommend the best practices to our clients, but we also adjust the solution according to companies’ context.

Our clients all manage projects but they do it differently if they are Bic or Total for example. Not only are the industries different but sometimes the tasks are as well, and that is reflected in their use of One2Team.

We also help our clients with change-management, to insure that One2Team is properly adopted. The team’s profiles are extremely varied, even though most consultants have worked for management consulting firms throughout their careers. We are engineer or business school graduates, or for some foreign University graduates, since our team includes 6 different nationalities!

Our teams live between our offices and our clients. The majority of our European clients are based in France and to a lesser degree in our neighboring countries of Belgium, Italy, Germany or even Spain. For the United States, the clients aren’t just in North America, we will start a project in Australia and New-Zealand for example!

The Customer Success: long-term service

Customer Success’ (CS) primary objective is to accompany our clients throughout the duration of the contract. The CS teams are at our users’ side to analyze their use and help them to always get the most out of One2Team. Customer Success embodies the importance of customer satisfaction for One2Team and symbolizes the team’s core value: goodwill.

“Customer Success is always there when we need it and helps us improve our use of One2Team continuously. They show us the evolutions and make recommendations for us to increase our productivity.”


Manage One2Team’s deployment with our clients

Accompany our clients in their digital project management transformation

Offer new innovating and effective project management practices

Produce reference content in project management

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