Sales & Marketing  (by One2Team)

Sales Team: doctors for your projects

Made up of professional experts (retail, telecommunications, IT, project, Comex members, consultants…), the sales team is able to hear our prospects’ pain points, analyze their needs and offer the best solution to help them reach their goals. We position ourselves as “project doctors”: you tell us where it hurts, we diagnose it and offer the appropriate treatment.

“I’m always astonished by On2Team’s salesmen’s ability to understand our challenges. We exchange between experts and this is felt throughout our relationship.”


Marketing: Always ahead of the curve…

One2Team’s marketing team is comprised of talents of all ages with a wide array of backgrounds, all animated by a common goal : to always anticipate market needs/expectations. Whether they be, Digital, events inbound, outbound…the main objectives of One2Team’s marketing activities are to increase market knowledge, identify strategic issues and package the most suitable solutions.

“I discovered One2Team on social networks. Their understanding of my activity convinced me immediately. Today, I am a user of One2Team and admit I gain precious time on multiple aspects of my activity: reporting, document sharing, activity tracking…”


Listen, study, analyze our clients’ needs and offer them the best possible solution based on their requirements

Follow market trends, its news and offer tools able to answer our clients’ and prospects’ strategic issues.

Make One2Team a global brand, develop the company’s and the solution’s notoriety as well as visibility

Accompany our clients in their use of One2Team in order for them to get the most value out of our solution

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