The R&D and Support (by One2team)

Innovation and quality, two key words for our R&D/Support team made up over 20 young talents who work on the Product in a positive/friendly environment:

  • Developers at the top of their game with the latest technologies (AngularJS, Cassandra, Elastic Search, Java8, Kafka, Python, Puppet, Storm, ReactJS) who code with the best practices (GitLab, Code Review, TDD) and deliver a new version each week (Agile, Continuous Delivery, Standup, Retro..)
  • Quality engineers armed with Test Integrations (Slenium) hunting down even the most minute bug
  • Product Owners able to make our clients’ needs simple – even though they’re quite complex- by designing tomorrow’s interfaces (Design, Ergonomics, UI/UX)
  • Support Engineers are always available to answer our clients questions and solve their problems


NINJA Team  (Outstanding Developers)

To be up to the application challenge, the Ninja team integrates/uses the latest trendy technologies: Storm, Kafka, Zookeeper, Cassandra, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, etc. The Ninjas juggle with old code and new code to push the limits. If this sounds like a dream come true and you like to rethink the world while munching on/sharing a good burger, come join us!

“the Ninjatitude can be summarized as backend development with a subtle twist of data engineering and performance tuning… without forgetting pizza Wednesday.”

GADGET Team (Budding Geniuses)

The debate between Emacs vs Vim is, in your opinion, humanity’s greatest question? A screen’s color is only useful for syntax coloration (and grep color highlighting)? Do you need at least half a day to set up your bashrc? (zshrc?) (What? You don’t have a post-install script for your distribution????) You understand the difference between free and open source? You know how to automate automation? You like the play the game of who has the longest uptime? Have you already crashed a production server and ever since then,you’re a lot less boastful? Do you talk about penetration tests with your friends?… WE NEED YOU !!!

Our games: Linux, redhat, puppet, python, netfilber/iptables, Jenkins, maven, git, ELK, VMware ESXi, vSphere, mongodb, elasticsearch, Cassandra, rabbitmq, Equinix, Cogent.
“Gadgets are the R&D’s toolbox” Robert, from accounting (pas de puriel en français, why?)
“RTFM” pierre from devops, when Paul asks him how to color the grep.

APPS Team (100% connected)

Develop new functionalities with new frameworks, answer clients’ needs, work continuously with the product team and give our functional advice, work in Agile. That’s “Really Apps”.

You a fan of Angularjs? You a fan of Reactjs, Karma, ES6? You wanna do TDD? You don’t deliver without Code Review? You like meetup pizzas? You do a lot of PR/MR? You already have your own github? You work on continuous delivery? You like QA that uses Selenium? Is that “Really you”? Actually, you’re “Really apps”, so come join us.

The Apps team seen through the eyes of the Apps team (look how much we appreciate each other 😉 )

  • Efficient and versatile
  • Young and collaborative
  • Lively and rigorous
  • Dynamic, we representing!!

Really Apps, Really You

R&D / Support News

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Team Ninja (Genius developper)

Team Gadget (Budding geniuses)

Team APPS (100% Connected)